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Aug 25, 2011

Google +1 button crossed 4 billion daily views

In June, Google launched +1 button to the sites, making it easier to recommend content across the Internet. In July, underwent a nearly 2 billion impressions a day, and also Google made much faster. Today, +1 button appears in more than a million sites, with overall four billion impressions per day.

Google launching two features for +1 button that make a more useful buttons for users and publishers.

Share With Google + Circles 

Clicking a +1 button is a great way to show the contents to others when they search on Google. But sometimes you want to start a conversation right away at least with some friends. So from yesterday, Google make it easy for Google + users to share Web pages with their circles directly from a +1 button. Just a side as usual and look for new "Share on Google +" option. From there you can comment, select a circle and share.


When you share content with a +1 button, you will notice that Google will automatically include a link, photo and description in sharebox. It is called as "+snippets", and are a great way to quick-start discussions with people you care about.

Publishers can also take advantage of the +snippets. With just a few changes to their sites, publishers can effectively adapt their extracts +snippets and encourage greater sharing of their content on Google +.

Google is beginning to share and +snippets globally during the next week, but if you want to try the new +1 button now, join in Google + Platform Preview. When you are in Preview, just visit a site with a +1 button and +1 the page.

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