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Jul 26, 2011

Affect of Google Plus One on SEO

Social interaction is enormous, and Google has worked hard to catch up with rival Facebook. With the found of Google Plus google have a powerful new tool that will soon allow Google users to share their sites and their content as like Facebook users are now doing with Like button.

Right now, +1 button is used for search. If you search for "SEO training" and decide on the fourth or fifth page of search results are better than the first, you can +1 that ranking, basically telling Google “this search result is the best for this keyword”. 'It is powerful and Google wants to integrate these results into their search rankings.

But this is only the beginning. One in search results, webmasters have little control over those who vote on their site. But Google is going a little further, and that's where things get really interesting. Imagine what happens when someone clicks a button on a page of your site. Google now knows that someone thinks your content is useful.

Of course, we will not know for some time how much impact on a +1 button that is on the search rankings, but I think it's pretty safe to assume that Google will be considered.

In fact, Matt Cutts - Google Web Spam Head - has repeatedly said they want to integrate into the social interaction in determining the quality of the content. Presumably, had the problem of spam control, but now a button is rolled out, it's just a matter of time before this great social tool will become an important part of their algorithm. After all, monitor, control and collect all the results of these clicks.

I think this tool will be an excellent resource to better communicate with readers and improve the ranking in Google.

Your comments are always welcome!

prajith said...

thanks..nice info...

Search Engine Optimization said...

its too early to comment on Google's +1 effect & behaviour on the search results.

maybe we should wait for more time.

Andy said...

So true, it really was only a matter of time 'til the +1 started to revolutionise the SEO game. I'm still unsure as to what end Google+ itself will play in the domination of SEO either. All I know is +1 is going to be big and Google will be integrating Google+ in a big way. The comment above is right we do need to give it some more time, but we all know with SEO you've gotta be quick to benefit so I for one am going to start adding Google+ to the marketing mix asap. Will you be doing the same? Oh and if you want any extra online marketing tips this article - - is a good next port of call after this post.

social media for schools said...

I have already read a bit about the +1 and have had a little play around with it. I wonder how many people will go back to their search results to press + 1 once being on your site and as previously stated.

driving safety course said...

Google Pluse is start a revolution in Social Media. This surely going to affect SEO results and even Online reputation management., there is are pros and cons in Google Plus.., so better be cautious in providing information.., by anywayz nice article worth reading it..,

Unknown said...

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Buy Plus 1 said...

driving safety course, I agree!

Google is literally offering total communication solutions along with robust privacy and segregation features which makes a very good balance between sharing and security!

Anonymous said...

It's really a remarkable idea and a great way to give meaningful feedback to Google on the job their search engine is doing. If people start participating in the +1'ing it can really improve Google and pretty much wipe out seo and ppc all together.

kamal said...

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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