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Jun 29, 2011

New Google+ Social Networking Services

The new Google+ project  has been tested by several analysts who give their approval to offer innovative features in the table, promising a greater control over the social networking experience.

Through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter idea of ??networking is spinning positions, you or your friend's "wall, something once published are usually seen in all of your friends agreed, and sometimes 100 or even 1000, to be seen.

Through the conventional social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, the idea of ??networking is based on the positions taken either on its own wall or friends. Something that is normally visible by mail to all your friends have agreed to see.

Google+, Google makes a point: Our comments are not always meant to be a public announcement as such, but only to choose, maybe family and close friends. Google+ will give the user more control over who wants to share a comment / post with

The new feature is called +Circles provides an interface screen tech-savvy displaying "circles" in which you simply drag the people you want in the groups that are created, whether it be "best friends", "family "" colleagues ", etc.

+Sparks is another feature introduced in Google +, which can be described as a search engine for comments or "sharing engine." Reading the comments of other users on topics that interest you, from a produced a dish that is easy to travel with this tool.

+Hangouts can be described as “skyping” with several friends at once. A feature that allows closed sessions live or meeting places for 10 people, will also be equipped with a set of tools for direct communication like instant messaging.

+ Mobile is a set of features that make this network service to be taken by the mobile world. Google has released an application for Android and the mobile version is available on the iPhone.

Currently, Google + and its features are available, both for having been invited there, or ordering and waiting for Google to create an account.

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