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Jun 29, 2011

2011 New Changes In The Google Design And Experience

From yesterday, you can begin to realize that things seem a little "different from all the Google products.Working on a project to bring new experiences and best of Google, and in the coming months, Google continue to see more updates on look and feel. The Home Page is traditional to get a little change:

How people use and experience of the Internet is evolving and Google goal is to give us greater foil and consistency in the online experience that works independently of the Google product which we use or what device is used. The new Google experience have begun to work towards is based on three key design principles: development, elasticity and effortlessly.

Focus:Whether you are looking for, e-mail or looking for a map, the only thing that you should be worried about what you want. Google mission is to provide tools and features that will come quickly and easily. Planing for design changes to the project in the coming weeks and months, Google is bring the important things and get all the other useless off road. Even simple changes, such as the use of bold colors, navigation buttons practical and hide until they are really needed, can help to better focus on just what user need at the moment.

Elasticity: In the early days, there was practically only one way to use Google: a computer desktop with a medium-size monitors. Over a decade later, just a look around your home or office in a variety of mobile devices, graphics tablets, high-resolution monitors and televisions to see a number of ways to access World Wide Web. The new design allows a transition one device to another, and have consistent visual experience. Google goal is to bring us this flexibility without sacrificing style or utility.

Effortlessness:Google design philosophy is to combine the power and simplicity. Google want to keep the eyes clean and simple, but behind the seemingly simple design, the use of new technologies such as HTML5, WebGL and the fastest browser to ensure to have all the power of the Web behind us.

From now on, in the coming months, look for a series of design improvements for all Google products, such as Google Search, Google Maps and Gmail.

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