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Jun 29, 2011

New Google+ Social Networking Services

The new Google+ project  has been tested by several analysts who give their approval to offer innovative features in the table, promising a greater control over the social networking experience.

Through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter idea of ??networking is spinning positions, you or your friend's "wall, something once published are usually seen in all of your friends agreed, and sometimes 100 or even 1000, to be seen.

Through the conventional social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, the idea of ??networking is based on the positions taken either on its own wall or friends. Something that is normally visible by mail to all your friends have agreed to see.

Google+, Google makes a point: Our comments are not always meant to be a public announcement as such, but only to choose, maybe family and close friends. Google+ will give the user more control over who wants to share a comment / post with

2011 New Changes In The Google Design And Experience

From yesterday, you can begin to realize that things seem a little "different from all the Google products.Working on a project to bring new experiences and best of Google, and in the coming months, Google continue to see more updates on look and feel. The Home Page is traditional to get a little change:

How people use and experience of the Internet is evolving and Google goal is to give us greater foil and consistency in the online experience that works independently of the Google product which we use or what device is used. The new Google experience have begun to work towards is based on three key design principles: development, elasticity and effortlessly.

Jun 28, 2011

2011 Latest Updates in Google Webmaster Tools

There are three major Google Webmaster Tools Updates in 2011 to till date. Below are three updates which were live in February 2011.

Here are the details with dates:

   1. Check your website instant preview in Google Webmastertools - May 18th 2011
   2. Better way to Remove URLS from search Engine Results - May 17th 2011
   3. Suggestions to build high quality sites in the web - May 6th 2011
   4. Google is supporting flash in instant previews - May 6th 2011
   5. Wordpress Plugin for Google Webmaster tools verification - Apr 19th 2011
   6. New Methods to verify websites in Google Webmaster tools - Apr 21st 2011
   7. Google Panda Update goes Global for English Users - Apr 11th, 2011
   8. Now Pagespeed online with Mobile Support - Mar 31st, 2011
   9. Detecting Mobile User Agent - Mar 30th, 2011
  10. Introducing Google Social +1 button - Mar 28th, 2011
  11. Video Sitemaps Help - Mar 24th, 2011 
  12. Google Panda / Farmer Update - Feb 24th, 2011
  13. Making Websites Mobile Friendly - Feb 22nd, 2011
  14. Advanced features in Webmaster tools with analytics data - Feb 18th, 2011
  15. Single Login for Analytics and Webmaster Tools -  Feb 07, 2011
  16. Webmaster Tools Search Queries Update - Feb 03, 2011

In January, the Webmaster Tools team has released a new feature to merge Webmaster Tools data with Google Analytics. As we expected the Google team started going out more advanced features by combining the GA and GWT.

Jun 26, 2011

Use of Google "Plus One" A New Social Aspect

Recently, Google announced a new social aspect of the list, called "Plus One", which is the way to add another element of the social web.

In essence, Google is giving people the opportunity to vote for a "Plus One" the content they want and also give them the opportunity to share this with friends.

Here is a video that explains this new conception of Plus One:

Matt Cutts is the head of the anti-spam Google has made it clear that when someone votes for something, it is a good indication that they like content, so it is good . Matt Cutts also said in his videos in the past that Google takes the view of social indicators such as Twitter to their sites. It seems that "Plus One" by the new Google adds another dimension.

Jun 20, 2011

SEO Audit Tool - Screaming Frog SEO Spider

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a small desktop program that can be installed on your PC or Mac spiders websites’ links, images, CSS, scripts and applications from an SEO perspective. Retrieves the key elements of SEO onsite in the site, present in the tabs by type and allows you to filter common SEO questions, or slice and dice the data as you see fit when exporting to Excel. You can view, analyze and filter the data that is collected as it crawled and updated continuously in the program's user interface.

Screaming Frog, SEO Spider, you can quickly analyze, audit and review of on-site SEO perspective. It 'very good analysis of medium and large sites where every page manually would be very labor-intensive (or impossible) And where you can easily lose a redirect, META REFRESH, or duplicate page issue.

This Tool allows you to export the key elements of SEO site (URL, page title, meta description, headings, etc.) in Excel so that it can easily be used to fund the SEO recommendations.

Google - Inside Search - 2011 Google New Products

Google has released three new features of the last event in San Francisco July 14, 2011. The following three new features. This event is officially titled as “Google InsideSearch”.

  1. Voice Search
  2. Instant Pages
  3. Search by Image

1. Voice Search:

Google has announced a voice search for desktop computers. Currently, Google users typing keywords to get basic information on the research results. Now, users can speak the words so that Google understands the word and show the results. According to the survey, Google is able to detect 80% of the words and display of relevant results.

Jun 17, 2011

Google Wonder Wheel Guide

Google Wonder Wheel is another way in which users can view search results. And 'only because it presents a vision that turns phrases related to the main search query.

Below is a step by step instructions on using Google Wonder Wheel

First, you enter a word or phrase in Google and search. In this guide, we'll just write in a wedding dress to use as an example.

Once done, look on the left and see a option that says "more research tools."

Jun 15, 2011

htaccess 301 redirect and Canonical Issues

You are upgrading your web site and as part of the upgrade, it means moving and renaming particular files.

Search engines have indexed your entire site and pages you're going to move or rename rank well. By altering these files, you run the risk of losing a lot of traffic and leaving visitors to your site who follow a search engine link with the dreaded "Error 404 - File not found".

A 301 redirect is the best way to go and I go into some detail on how to implement one in this tutorial, but first let's take a look at a couple of other strategies I often see mentioned around the web to get around the problem and why you shouldn't use them.

Custom Error Page

You could create a custom error page. The problem with this solution:
a) You will lose ranking for the page as the file will appear to be non-existent next time it's requested by the search engine spider. It could be some time before the page in it's new location or with a new name reappears and given you'll lose the power of inbound links from other sites to the page in question, it may not rank as well.
b) Your web site visitors may be frustrated by the fact that they then have to dig through your site to find the desired information.

Jun 9, 2011

What Is Google Analytics Intelligence

Google has added a new module to Google Analytics called Intelligence. The currently in beta module displays custom and automatic alerts that are created from website traffic operations. It is not sure yet if all Google Analytics users have access to this new module of the website traffic analysis service yet or if it has been made available to select users only.

Google Analytics users who can access it will find a display of their website’s traffic graph along with another bar below that is showing the alerts for the corresponding days. Alerts are color coded with automatic alerts using a light green and custom alerts a light blue color. There will only be automatic alerts in the beginning.

google analytics intelligence
The automatic alerts will give a webmaster immediate information about traffic jumps. This includes major traffic changes to certain pages on the website, a change in a page’s bounce rate, pageviews or a higher or lower than usual visitor stream from a specific country, state or region.


This gives the webmaster a quick overview of traffic developments on a specific web project or website. There are certain possibilities where Google Analytics Intelligence module can help. Webmasters could for instance investigate traffic increases or decreases more effectively as it will for instance display a decrease in traffic to a very popular page on the website. The webmaster could then analyze the issue further.

It is furthermore possible to create custom alerts and this could be very interesting to some webmasters. Custom alerts are created from a list of available alert conditions. The webmaster selects a traffic type to be monitored. This can be all traffic, traffic from a campaign, keyword, medium and landing or exit page. This traffic type is then combined with a metric that is triggering the alert. This again can be pageviews, total visitors, revenue or pre-defined goals. The selected metric is then given a threshold value. An alert is then automatically created whenever that value is crossed.

Another interesting option is to look at weekly or monthly reports which even gives a better overview as day to day variations are something that every webmaster has to live with. Google Analytics Intelligence is available in the left sidebar menu of the Google Analytics account.

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