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May 10, 2010

Google wonder wheel in different languages

Since all Google services or at least most of them are translated to foreign languages, we have searched for foreign Google wonder wheel option. We have expected to find the translated version of this tool after all, there are good reasons to use the Google wonder wheel tool as an addition to the basic Google search.

In Italian for example, we couldn’t find the link to the “more options” as  this is the way to use the Google wonder wheel and this is the way for all visitors, even if they are Italian speakers, to find the tool. Even when we have searched for the term: “Google wonder wheel”, the awaited link wasn’t there. The same happened when we have made the same process in Google France and Google Germany. This made us wonder – does Google wonder wheel in foreign languages even available yet?

We have extended our searches for Google wonder wheel in foreign languages. Google in Hebrew, does have the “more options” link on top, this is the Google tool for Israeli’s only 5-6 million users if im correct. The same with Google UK and Google China, they both have the link, but these Google versions are serving millions of users.

To sum this all up, it seems that the Google Wonder Wheel feature is not yet available in all the languages, it may become available in the future but right now, its mainly available in and some local versions of Google.

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