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Jul 6, 2009

5 benefits of using Social bookmarking

Do you know that the basic excogitation of shared online bookmarks innovate in around April 1996 when their is an official launch of itList which features to included public and private bookmarks.As the time passes and web 2.0 is ready to take birth their is a series of launch of several online bookmark services like Blink, Backflip, Clip2, ClickMarks, HotLinks, and so many others.They provided folders for masterminding bookmarks, and some services automatically synchronizes the bookmarks into folders.

social What is the benefits of using Social bookmarking?

If you are a webmaster,blog owner or a blogger then you must have to know about the benefits of using social bookmarking services.Some of the important reasons are as follows:

  1. To get unique traffic from various zone of social networks
  2. In order to create a social buzz on your product and brands
  3. To get faster indexing of the website in the search engines like google,yahoo and msn live search.
  4. To get high Google page rank from various back links and bookmarking sites.
  5. To get a good alexa ranks with the help of target traffic coming on your website from classified origins.

What to do if we don’t have time?

If you don’t have time to buzz your brand then you can ask your friends to do so or the best way is to get some Social Bookmarking Service that may enrich you with the above 5 benefits like Buzz,traffic Google indexing and if you want you also the Link Building Service to get better juice of google page ranks.

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