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May 4, 2009

Why Is It Better to Optimize Your Search Engine Rankings as Opposed to Other Methods of Advertising Online?

Most websites have their main sources of traffic coming from search engines.  Search engines, the main ones being Google, Yahoo, and MSN, are at the center of online traffic.  Their role cannot be emphasized enough.  In light of the always increasing number of sites on the Web, people all over the world rely on search engines to direct them to the right source of information.

The reason why search engine optimization (SEO) is so popular amongst webmasters is that it is the best way to bring in traffic at low cost.  Not only do you bring in traffic, but you also build your site's goodwill.  That is a very important notion. 

SEO also brings in targeted traffic because webmasters assume that when visitors arrive through search engines, they must have previously entered a search query.  SEO brings in "normal" traffic but also "webmaster" traffic.  What do you think that webmasters do when they want to exchange links?  They search for similar sites.  Again.... using search engines.  Putting emphasis on good SEO allows you to attract targeted visitors, to increase your site's goodwill, and to build visibility with other webmasters as well.  It is almost a self-sustaining process.  If your site is well ranked in search engines, other webmasters will automatically approach you to suggest possible partnerships, which will reduce the amount spent doing "active" promotion.

That being said, it is always recommended that you diversify your online marketing strategy to include other means of attracting traffic, such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, pay-per-impression advertising, or pay-per-action advertising.  In addition to entering into online marketing campaigns, you can also utilize traditional marketing campaigns in the "real" world.  Experiment and see what works best.

PR Update and SEO Updates

Search engines are changing their techniques day by day. So every coming day brings some SEO updates for webmasters. Search engine like Google use to change its algorithms after couple of weeks that’s why some time PR update brings some unexpected and shocking results.

As every body use to search the desired information through some search engine, most probably Google. Obviously, every one wants to touch relevant date instead of wandering around the different sites. Search engine help us by sorting out the sites in such a way that the most relevant site comes up in top results. So in order to bring their sites among the top results webmasters use different techniques and the process of bringing these sites at the top of the list by using SEO updates in legalized way is called white hat SEO.

Search engines use different algorithms in order to sort out the data in better and faster way. However, the most successful and popular of all algorithms was developed in Stanford University by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. This algorithm was named Page ranking.  The prototype of this algorithm was launched in the market in 1998 with the name of “Google”.

Page rank algorithm was based on votes. For example, a link from site X to site Y is counted as a vote from site X for site Y. The site which has the more votes means have more back links will be considered more important and will get a higher “page rank”. One interesting fact is that Google assess the importance of a site through the sites from where it is getting back links. No doubt every back link is considered as a vote but different votes have different values. That means if your site get a back link from a site which has a good page rank and healthy back links that will ultimately affect the ranking of your site in next PR update.

So we can say that more and more back links is not the only way of optimizing your site for high search engine ranking. Rather then that if you want to see your site with good page rank after next PR update then don’t go for back links only, instead of this try to go for quality back links. Rather then back links, search engine also consider many other factors while allocating page rank, so webmasters should keep an eye on SEO updates, in order to get the idea about the working of search engine algorithms. Some times sites having healthy back links fail to get good page rank during PR update rather then that Google penalizes those sites which use to get back link by using black hat techniques. While if you will upload sites of same nich on the same ip of the hosting it may effect the google page rank of your sites. For more cheap web hosting information you can compare different hosting companies .

In short we can say that search engines optimization is not a rocket science rather then it is the name of continuously changing field, in which you can get guidance through SEO updates or you can also try your ways by following search engine guidelines. It really needs some thing beyond expertise. People who are working in this widespread field of search engine optimization love to get useful SEO updates. 

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