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Mar 4, 2009

Search engine ranking position - SEO / natural listings - best tool

Ranking Position reports enable you to compare the relative performance in the natural listings of the search engines for different keyphrase types. As a result, they are useful for viewing the peformance of your SEO.

These tools are particularly necessary if you have a large keyword portfolio or international sales are important so you can track performance in different countries.

Before signing up for these tools, do note the following caveats:

  • Some of these services may contravene Google’s terms of service ( although they are widely used today and this is unlikely to cause a problem.
  • Minimising the number of ranking queries and using the Google API Key are likely to reduce this risk
  • What really counts is not the position, but number of clicks arriving and converting on your site for different phrases so your web analytics software or other custom software from an SEO agency can sometimes do a better job here.

The main SEO ranking position tools are:

Formerly Web Position Gold (WPG), now owned by and partially integrated with WebTrends.

Supplied by Caphyon. Uses Google API key.

High adoption client and agency side. Uses Google API key.

European tool, useful for international rank checking and includes sponsored listing reporting

Unlike the others, this is a free service, but can be used for smaller sites.

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