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Jan 5, 2009

SEO Steps


SEO Information Systems Team will following SEO activities on your
website , If you choose our SEO Services.

1.      Initial Report Analysis
2.      Competitive Analysis
3.      On Page details (Meta tags).
4.      Preparing Content Analysis
5.      Building Back lings (Inbound/Outbound)
6.      Key Word Submission
7.      Final Report

Initial Report Analysis:
* Keyword/Phrase analysis
* Keyword research using word tracker, Overture and Googlesets
* Competitive analysis
* Extensive Competitive Analysis for better search engine ranking
* Initial position analysis report
* Website Usability Analysis by Usability and copyediting expert
* Extensive Log file analysis
* Personalized Report Analysis and Monitoring
Let we pick up the present information of given website means Meta
tags details and back links checking and checking for how many Key
word in the site and their strength. As well as Site Page rank and
Compaction of the given site which position in different search

Title   Description     Keyword Backlines       Page rank

Basically this process depends on the Company or Clients if Clients
want to require this process we must do the basic step of this other
wise we must starts the Competitive Analysis.

Competitive Analysis:
Competitive Analysis means Observation of different sites which sites
theme related to our site. Let we consider competitive key point of
Meta tags checking and Back lings observation. Each and every point to
be noted on excel sheet it should be very useful to us.
Title   Description     Keywords        Backlines       Content         Url of site

Back links checking in search engine:   link:
Saturation checking in search engine:   Site:
Caches by searching:                            Cache:

On Page Optimization
* Homepage Optimization
* Meta tags placement
* Content fixing
* Monthly Manual Update to Optimized Content
* Fixing the text links
* Optimized Navigational Structure
* Site map for better crawling of your site
* Descriptive site map creation
* Link resource page creation
* Link exchange page creation
* Image Optimization
* SEO Copywriting
* Spell Checking
* HTML Validation Checking
* Browser Compatibility checking
* Website Load time checking
* Creation of robots file
* MOD_Rewrite / URL rewrite for Dynamic sites for better search engine
Keyword Analysis: Single word definition. Keyword should be 3 types
1. Low level: Competition should be less then 4 digits it will take 3
2. Medium level: Competition should be less then 7digits  it will take
6 moths.
3. High level: Competition should be less then 8 digits or more it
will take 1 yr.

First read the web site after that we are going to choose perfect
keywords. The Home page contains minimum two keyword and internal
pages contain single or more keyword.

After selecting keyword we are going to check the competition and
number of clicks on that keyword and keyword strength.
Keyword Tools:  Sandbox of Google, Word Tracker, Keyword tool, web
counts, adwords, more free tools.

Keyword Tools (hits)    Google  Yahoo   Msn     Recommended
Keyword Hits/clicks     competition     competition     competition     Hits/clicks

Meta tag Analysis:
1.      Title: Most imp keyword and try to repeat. It should be less then
65 chars in Google 75 in Yahoo 80 in Msn. Over all it suggested in 60
2.      Description: Starts with same keyword and try to repeat to it.
Description should be less then 150 chars in Google, 170 in yahoo, 185
in msn over all better suggestion 150.
3.      Keywords:  After selection keywords the most recommended keywords
placed in this section.
Meta tag Tools: Meta tag tool,

Content Analysis:
We have to increase our keyword density it means our imp keywords
should be repeat in middle of our content and starting with main
keyword and try to end with that keyword.  Every 100 words Keyword
should be repeat Low Level Keyword 3-4 times. Medium Level Keywords
5-8 times High Level Keywords 9-10 times.
       Content Optimization
       Image Optimization
       Using Alt tags
       using Heading tags
       Using Text Links
       Hipper links.
Home Page:500-800 words.  Home page size 30kb, internal page size 40kb
Keyword Density Tools: Live-keyword,
Keyword      % of Keyword      % of Required

OFF Page Optimization
* Manual submission to all major search engines
* Semi-automatic submission to more than 200 Search Engines
* Resubmission of sites to certain search engines if necessary
* Submission to important paid inclusion directories
* Yahoo Directory Inclusion
* Submission to Dmoz directory
* Submission to more than 5000 free inclusion quality directories
* Re-optimization of site
* Reciprocal link building - 2way and 3way links
* Link Popularity through one way links
* Buying text link advertisements from relevant sites to increase the
link popularity
* Article Submission
* Newsletter Submission
* Forum Posting
* Blog submission
Link Building (Inbound)
Getting back links from other websites mean we have to submit our
website in Directories, Forums, Blogs, Social Book Merchant, Social
Page Rank depends on No of back links.
Checking for back links in search engines : links:
Site checking :

Link Exchange (Outbound)
The process of exchange link between two websites.

Site Maps:
Html Site Map: All Pages Links placed here it should be text links.
XML site Map: Its for Search engine purpose it should be created in
xml File name: sitemap.xml placed in root folder

RSS ( Really Simple Syndication/Rich site Summary) :
Channels: Modified Pages
Items: Other Pages

File Name: RSS. XML

Create Rss Feeds follow this link

 filename: Robots.txt
Hides some confide ional maters in web pages.

User Agent: *
* Disallow:

 means all search engines (Google, yahoo, Msn )
 means Not indexing of out site
 means not reading particular page.
* Monthly management plan
* Detailed Ranking Report
* Weekly updates & comprehensive Monthly Ranking Reports
* Submission Management with Reports
* Site Visibility Statistics Report
* Server Check and Link Check
* Search Engine Algorithm Updates
* 100% Guaranteed Uptime during site Modifications
* Multiple CD Burned backups of Optimized pages and site
* Technical Support
* 24/7 Phone support and online support

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