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Dec 1, 2008

The Value of Content for SEO

Keeping up with the constant changes in the Google Algorithm is like keeping up with a certain footballer's change in hair style. In fact they may both have a lot in common...lots of money, domination over their market and one small change can make headlines all over the world. So, what was the change this time?

If some of you have not researched or even read countless articles on the mythical algorithm, you may or may not have come to the conclusion that it ends up as searching for the golden fleece. However, with articles which  you have to start listening and maybe even listening to the advice. Not only was the article a good read for the astounding 450 updates that the beloved algorithm (I shall hence forth refer to it as the Alg) had last year, but the answers from Mr Matt Cutts from Google. I like the short translations most of all, i.e. 'Yes' or 'No'.

What is important about this post was that it drove me to take a look at one of my sites in a more detailed look. I was also recently at a advanced Google Adwords seminar where one point came out that caused a real stir amongst the participants. To increase the quality score of your campaigns it is imperative that you have a landing page that is directly relevant to the campaign or ad group keywords. I.e. relevancy and content is most important. I then read a few blog posts to confirm that Google has now taken a liking to content not that it didn't before, but more so now. Content for SEO is king again.

Interested by this I took a look at one of my websites from a content point of view. Looking at some of the keywords, we had them all grouped so they were targeted towards one page in particular. Hmm, this would not do. What we needed was each keyword to have its dedicated page that was full of quality content for both the user and the search engines.

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