Digital Marketing

Jul 2, 2008

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Your company is unique and so is your Internet marketing solution. Your sales cycle may be many months long and there will be multiple "Touch Points" before a potential customer feels ready to contract for your products or services. Although your plan will be unique to your business, the marketing tools are common to all solutions.

The above chart includes some of the more common tools used to achieve your planned results. At Visible Shops we focus our business on developing, implementing, and managing Internet marketing solutions for Small Businesses.
Internet Marketing Strategy and Planning
Creating a good strategy for your marketing and then using that strategy to develop an executable marketing plan are key to a successful internet marketing program.
Website Design and Development
We focus on creating feature rich consumer-friendly sites for our clients. We understand that your goal is to build your business and improve both your sales cycle and branding.

Search Engine Marketing
We apply the two primary search tools of search engine advertising (Pay Per Click) and search engine optimization (SEO) as called for in your Internet Marketing plan.

Email Marketing
Email has become a critical part of any firm's communications and marketing plan. It can help retain customers, keep clients informed, increase sales, raise brand visibility, and help you grow your business.

Marketing Research
What do your customers want to see on your website? Who are your key competitors on the Internet? What are your competitors doing to Be Visible on the Internet? Our research will answer these questions and more.

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